About Us

About Us

Airfield Information

We operate the Northsidegrass runway at Enstone, this is an unlicensed well maintained 1000metre grass runway.

  • Visitors are welcome at there own risk, please obtain PPR by phone or email.
  • Please make blind calls to enstone traffic on 129.880 and advise landing on Northsidegrass
  • Operational Sunrise to Sunset
  • Avgas is available Monday-Saturday 9-5 and outside these times with prior arrangement

For further information please see the airfield plate below:

enstone airfield plate

Tom Gilbert has been involved in aeroplanes all his life, a passion that started with summer holidays spent at airfields assisting with aircraft servicing or hitching a ride with anyone that could be persuaded to take another passenger. Since then he has developed a successful  business at the  Enstone base and has over the past decade  been involved in the servicing, leasing and import of a wide range of aircraft. Including most notably the Boeing Stearman’s that he has become known for, after the import, restoration and rebirth of over 10 of these aircraft there is very little that Tom and the team can’t handle. As Managing director Tom is responsible for the day to day running of the business so if you have any questions regarding leasing, servicing, purchasing of aircraft or the ongoing Operation of an aircraft including parking, storage and fuel Tom and the team can assist with any enquiry with the goal of  asking  owning an aircraft a smooth and efficient operation. Tom has always loved flying gaining his PPL at 17 before completing a degree in Aeronautical engineering and upon completion turning a family hobby into the dynamic business it is today. The no nonsense get the job done mentality is a really important characteristic when it comes to the important tasks of getting restorations completed on time and on budget. When Tom isn’t working he’s always flying one of the many aeroplanes, his passion for all things aeroplanes really would take some beating!